Going public – why you should;

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post.
Although my blog seemed silent for the past month everything else has been on the go.

Usually I keep my thoughts and ideas to myself. And let me explain what I mean by that.

When I have a grand idea I get goosebumps! I’m usually over excited about my new idea and I can’t wait to research it’s potential. At the same time I’m battling with my inner self to not spill out a word about it. At least to anyone that has nothing-essential to do for the idea.

It’s not always easy to keep quite but it works wonders for me. Sometimes I give in. I can’t help but open my mouth to my loved ones.

One, might assume that I could get reassurance and a good amount of motivation. Especially if they like the idea. Which is the case most of the times. :)

Giving in, is like letting go, I know deep in me that this idea is over. At least for me. Nothing excites me after I share it. It’s like I’m cashing out all future excitement of achievement before I even start. And that has been a huge problem of mine.

When I started this project I was skeptical about announcing it to the world. Not to mention putting in online.

But then I had a thought of enlightenment. This project is not only about me. Although I have lots of fun playing tennis every morning and not having to work in an office.

This project is about anyone who dreams about something bigger than him or her. Something that no one has done before. Something exciting and uplifting. Something that makes you smile to the people around you.

So I had to share. I began slowly by starting off this blog. I then wrote on a forum. And that was the most awesome thing I’ve done so far. It took me by a storm. In just a couple of days my thread “NTRP 0 to 5 in One year. Is that possible” had already 3000 views! By now it has 200 comments! How amazing? I’m glad I did open up.

A few commenters have drop the idea to me of making a few videos about my progress, diet and rest. Wow! What a terrifying idea? Me, talking about my ideas? Terrifying! Talking in English? Extraterrestrial!

I confess I was also quite amused and flattered by the idea. More than 10 people had brought it up by then and more had agreed.

A few nights after, I came across a quote by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough”.

And there I was. With a dream that scared me. I had to try it. I Put myself out there while fighting to fulfill this project and motivating others to start their own projects and beat the odds!

I’m committed to the people who follow this story and because of them I am extremely humbled and motivated to start writing more and producing a series of videos.

Thank you! You’re awesome!


One comment

  1. Whenever I have been goosebump-excited about an idea I often would blurt it out to everyone and anyone eventually getting both good and bad feedback. Besides spoiling some of the momentum, the negative feedback would eventually give me the second thoughts that create fear of failure and eventually made me fail by not giving my dreams the chances they deserve. Those experiences left me terrified of sharing anything. I now am very careful and picky about what I say and to whom. Once I got past the fear of letting some excitement out of the bag and risking bad feedback, I received only inspiration and support!

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