Talking to strangers & The pretty girl with the red plastic headband

When was the last time you socialised with total strangers? You might not remember or you might not be into that kind of sport.

But what more fulfilling than getting to know other people; Extroverts, introverts, weirdos, geeks and smartasses! And occasionally some like minded people to be friends or lovers ;)

I always enjoyed the thrill and chills that my dirtbike was giving me as a youngster. The excitement after every session was worthwhile the trouble.

I see no deference in my adrenaline levels when I’m seeing a person I’d like to meet. And certently it’s equally scaring as being on the bike. Especially if it’s a girl we’re talking about.

Many thoughts are popping up like mushrooms in the wild. What should I say? Is this the right moment? Am I going to be embarrassed in front of other people? Am I going to come out as being creepy?

When it comes to meeting strangers, tricks don’t usually work I’ve learnt. Being authentic and genuine about your intentions would give you the most chances to succeed. In fact more than 13%. Ok I’m joking ;) it’s actually far less :))

Ok, it’s Friday night and I agreed to go out to a place I don’t usually go to. It’s not a place to meet someone really. It’s always packed, the music is loud enough to sing no matter your natural talents and everybody is dressed up as far as it goes. Oh, and more than half are smoking and drinking vodka like orange juice!

But this time it’s different.

Unexpectedly enough, there is this pretty young girl across the bar. She’s tall and with an athletic built. So, different from the rest. She looks simple, curly hair and mild make up. Drinking a red bull instead of vodka and wearing a red plastic headband! I’m hooked! How on earth a girl like this appeared here!

My friends agreed on my observations and in minutes I’m determined to cross over and talk to her! I know I have to act as fast as possible. Being impulsive it’s a must in these situations.

I literarily drag my self over without having a single word in my mouth or mind.

I touch her back politely and say hi;

There is a pause – I still have no clue what I’m going to say.. Probably my friends are watching silently but I don’t really know it. I’m in the zone of boy meets girl and my mind is occupied with fear and excitement.

– I saw you from there and I had to come and talk to you
– Why;
– it’s your red plastic headband that grabbed my attention
– haha, really why;
– look all these women around; they look the same. But you look pretty different! Curly hair, not smoking and not drinking alcohol; And with an awesome red plastic headband!!!

Being original is effective and as simple as sharing your thoughts. Since your thoughts are by default and in a way unique! Note to your self though that if you’re having any naughty thoughts to share then be prepared for nasty outcomes.

But being polite and truthful it’s your best bet. You’ll feel good afterwards no matter the results. And you’d probably be wiser and ready for your next social adventure.

Look around. So many people are waiting to share their feelings and life as friends or loved ones. Don’t be afraid, push your self off your comfort zone and grow your boundaries. Share your experiences and have a laugh about it.

Make friends, love and a live a life worth sharing!


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