Bellow see the products I’m using and why.

Main Gear:

Racquet – Babolat Aero Pro Drive 2013, strung at 23 kg (50.7 lbs) with RPM Blast 17/125.

Balls – Head ATP, my favorite so far.

Shoes and Apparel by Asics. Shoe model, Solution Speed Clay and All court version. This choice
is mainly based on their shoes which fit like no other my feet.

Bags, duffles by Asics. Racket separate in a one racket case at the moment. Although as soon I’d be certin about my new racket I’ll go for the Babolat 12 racket bag.

Recovery gear:

The Stick – For self massaging thighs and calfs.

A tennis ball. A major relief for metatarsal soreness.

The Grid Roller – Like a tougher more durable foam roller in a portable size. It’s just great for my back and glutenous muscles.

Sports supplementation:

Sports drink Gatorade Series Pro 02 – During play and cardio work.

Energy drink Gatorade 110ml Sachet Series Pro 01 – Although a pre-workout supplament I sometimes use it in between workout short breaks. Specially when I didn’t got all the energy I needed from my pre-workout meal.

CNP Professional energy bar (Contains cereal and dried fruits). One of the best I tried. I only get a bite now and then towards the end of my play. Very light.

Reflex Micro Whey, I faithfully believe it’s a quality protein.  Always after practice. If I want something different I’ll skip it and I’ll get a Muximuscle Promax Protein bar instead.

Others include Glucosamine and L-claritine.

Sport specific:

Go Pro Action camera


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