Project page

I’m on a mission…

Mission’s statement:

To be as good as I possibly can during the upcoming year.

Areas of interest include, top quality practice, strength and conditioning, improving agility and technique, nourishing as good as possible, prevent injuries and over use, have fun and stay hydrated and motivated through out the year 2013!

Bellow you can find a few of my notes I’ll be taking on a weekly monthly basis. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ll do! Ah, and don’t forget to hit some balls with your friends!!!


(latest stats update on the 1st of May)

33500Ball count so far

180 on court hours of practice

60 hours spent in the gym

67.5 hours of warming up, cooling down, stretching and taking care of my body

Strokes & Notes:

Note: Bellow you can get an idea of my starting point. I’ll no longer update this section. I put my extra time on creating videos instead. That way you can get a better idea of my progress while being entertained, amazing :).


As per December 2012 – Since I started with Paris everything had to go. Grip, Preparation, Stance, swing and follow through… oh and racket too! What else one should change? That was a complete make over. But I strongly believe in to these new changes. Better now than later on. No matter what.

So, at the moment I have solidified my stroke but its not there yet. I can still have some slight changes in the grip that shows off immediately after I hit the ball. But I’m constantly improving on the feel and response I’m getting off the racket.

Next, will work on contact point and hitting while on balance. Shadow swings I think will help too.


My backhand is more fluid. Although I’m not using my feet as much as in forehand it seems to be pretty solid. That with the exception of a distance misjudgement or a sloppy bounce. At the moment we haven’t work on that more than 1 percent of our practice. Though one month was again a tight period spent on the forehand makeover.

Next, I want to hit more backhand as I believe I can develop it as a modern weapon. I’ll be working on positioning and contact point.


Paris keeps saying that would be our future weapon of choice! Really? I hope so.So far my serve was an unfinished business. A relatively good motion and rhythm up to the contact. But the main problem was that my racket was all over the place. Very unstable in my hand. I was also brushing the ball to an unwanted extent.

Next, now I have everything together. I need to work on making my toss second nature. And if not, learn to adjust for the small variations.


Ok, I should say that this was the most time consuming task. I was dropping the racket, I was following through and I was snapping my wrist all to the extreme. Luckily for my couch I’m starting to keeping up. Although I’m struggling with the continental grip during the forehand volleys. As I can’t stretch it enough and as I do I loose the strength needed to keep the racket head solid.

Next, hit volley after volley to get used to and pick up the rhythm. Work slowly towards a better wrist control with strengthening and light stretches.


What’s that? Ok, nothing to say but I need practice.

Next, a few point of interest should be a proper preparation and anticipation as I tend to hit early. Also I should try to stay balanced and straight as I tend to bend my torso as I hit.


Ok, that would be my shot I beilive. Although I know it’s considered by club players “anti-tennis”. I think its a great shot to master when you are in trouble or the opportunity arises.


I haven’t work on that at all. Although has been scheduled for the next meetings.

Physical & Mental:

My state of mind is relatively good and I’d say between 6 and 8 through out with 10 being exceptional.


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